John Vedral
for Congress

About John Vedral

Who is John Vedral?

John Vedral is a long time Buxton resident who has served on the Town's Budget Committee and Planning Board. John served in the Maine Legislature for one term from 1996 to 1998.

John has a degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University and has worked for a range of employers including a large multinational corporation, a small private university, a regional newspaper, and his own small businesses. He has held a range of jobs from store clerk, to underground sprinkler installer, to computer programmer, to engineering manager, to business owner.

He owns a group of Internet-based businesses including Mainely Web, Puffin Stuff, The Plush of the Month Club, and Name Ditto.

John has been married for almost 23 years and has three children. He enjoys, photography, boating, snorkeling, fishing, hunting, gardening, and raising chickens for eggs.